Why Turkey Citizenship

Why Turkey Citizenship

Real estate, capital investment and employment Turkey Get Citizenship.

Why Turkey Citizenship

  • Your spouse and your children under the age of 18 found in the citizenship application with you.

  • When to apply for citizenship, you do Located income or assets in other countries are not prompted to register.

  • You do not have to live in a certain period of time for citizenship applications located in Turkey. During this time, you can continue to live abroad and can not get a residence permit can take to apply for citizenship.

  • You can apply for a visa to travel to many countries.

  • Many of these countries, they give permission to Turkish citizens traveling between 30 to 90 days without requiring a visa. In addition, some countries also gives visa or entry into the country during the online application results.

  • The European Union, the right to travel without visas to the Schengen countries and Turkey in 2013 with the purpose of recognition of ’Freedom Visa launched the Dialogue. Turkish citizens can travel freely between the 102 countries that will be added to the 26 European countries.

Making over $ 250,000 worth of real estate investment and obtain the citizenship Turkey.

Real estate, capital investment and employment Turkey Get Citizenship!

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