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Equal rights with citizens Turkey

Turkey subjected to nationals of citizenship, free education and health services, and tax and insurance premium discounts and other citizens of Turkey such as government support has equal rights. 156 countries visa-free travel facilities.

Experienced Consultants

The application process of “sensitive” with the reason that they must cooperate with a local expert and trusted advisor of foreigners.

Fiduciary Transactions

Process in order to maintain a safe and healthy manner based on trust operations should be performed by competent lawyers.

Our Initial Investment


The most accurate determination of the real estate according to your needs and your investment decisions, preparation of options.


You want to buy or sell real estate in technical analysis are performed to determine the actual value.


Analysis of legal compliance and risk you want to buy or sell real estate.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

By investing in real estate investment or capital investment or employment in Turkey eligible for citizenship!

Real Estate Investment with Turkey Citizenship

By buying at least $ 250,000 worth of real estate to foreign investors sold the land registry annotation of three years for the acquisition of citizenship by Turkey Property investment is required for diagnosis. Thus, if the $ 250,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency amounting to TL immovable commentary or confiscating the condition and purchased by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning will be able to acquire Turkish citizenship have been determined.

Capital Investment with Turkey Citizenship

Foreign investors $ 500,000 capital investment in exchange for free or performing currency or TL able to gain Turkish citizenship. With an investment should be made to apply for the certificate of conformity must be taken in order to gain Turkish citizenship. Industry and Technology Ministry for Foreign Investors conformity certificate and will be applied to Capital General Directorate of Incentives and Implementation.

Employment Investment in Turkey with Citizenship

Through the employment of foreign investments that create employment for at least 50 persons to acquire Turkish citizenship Family, the Ministry of Labor and Social Services is to be determined. To receive the certificate of conformity for the purpose of gaining citizenship Investors Turkey Family, the Ministry of Labor and Social Services Directorate General of the International Labor should apply.

Turkey needs to buy what kind of real estate to get citizenship?

Turkey worth at least US $ 250,000 over 3 years to get citizenship and deed “unsold” You need to purchase a property with an additional note. A real estate to be purchased building can be an apartment or a plot. In case of joint purchase of land, the value of the shares must be at least US $ 250,000.

NOVA TURKISH CITIZENSHIP, gives legal advisory services for a real estate purchase to get the accurate and reliable sales contracts for foreigners to invest and secure.

I can get Turkish citizenship by investing in a bank?

The investor’s bank account itself must deposit at least $ 500,000 for the Turkish Lira or Turkish Lira. This account by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency should be avoided for 3 years. This amount can be placed in a deposit account, investment account or an account.

Citizenship Process

Making over $ 250,000 worth of real estate investment and obtain the citizenship Turkey.

Real estate, capital investment and employment Turkey Get Citizenship!


We continue with our business partners to provide the following services


Solve your problems instantly through our support law! NOVA negotiated Turkish Citizenship Law firms instantly solve your all kinds of legal issues and will be there to support you for years on legal ground. Our law firm will also be in control in the preparation of your contract and give you every support.

Real Estate Investment

Not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey housing foreigners in Turkey Turkey soil, land, providing conveniences to make real estate investments, such as land.

Property Management

Property management in general; Is mindful of the real estate assets of the owners, supervises, manages and informs. with the property owner and tenants of property management serves as liaison officer

Tax Management

Your real estate for revenue arising from income tax and is making the necessary notifications to you for you to pay your property taxes and we will inform you about the tax exemptions.


Insurance is a form of risk transfer their bonus pools from just one system is used to cover the losses of those who suffered losses due to the realization that the actual risk of the same type of person who faces the risk of paying a certain amount of money. Complete Building Insurance, Title Insurance, Property Insurance, Insurance’re doing stuff.

Residence permit

If there is to be real housing demand of foreigners with a residence permit and immovable property should be used for this purpose.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Real estate, capital investment and employment in Turkey can receive citizenship.


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