What is Nova Golden Franchise

Nova Golden Franchise What is it?

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Nova Golden Franchise What is it?

  • Nova Golden Franchise "with an investment of citizenship law" carries on the criteria, just to get a residence permit, the company with the winning brand awareness and trust in the international field of established brand for investors, franchise or forming with the agreement of its own branches, mirror companies, the business model of "Novaya Golden Franchise "is called.

Nova Golden Franchise

  • Investor; Golden visa, residence permit, citizenship
  • Brand owners; saving income is a business model, is an investment program.

Advantages for Investors

  • MUCH FASTER than the other vantandaşlık conditions (3 years instead of 5)
    (* varies by country)
  • MUCH CHEAPER than the other vantandaşlık conditions (3 years instead of 5)
    (* varies by country)
  • more prestigious
  • Risk Free
  • Output with ease
  • Fixed income gained
  • Amount / conditions and periods, from one country to the changing of this investment program "NOVA GOLDEN FRANCHISE" session for investors and income sağlarlark, the models provide very cheap financing markaya, for companies with international network sales network with this model effortless low cost is a unique source of income.

  • Our subsidiary, NOVA GOLDEN desired country until the end of the beginning of the investors of the process FRANCHISE, financial, and legal solution partners, next to the investors turnkey services with up to field a residence permit in that country and the brand.

  • Nova Golden Franchise company "brand, franchise or branch does not interfere with the operation of its own, specific and independent brand is an investment program that session. As a result, investors in, this program is a program that brings in the brand owner.

Making over $ 250,000 worth of real estate investment and obtain the citizenship Turkey.

Real estate, capital investment and employment Turkey Get Citizenship!

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