Frequently Asked Questions

How does the application process to Turkish citizenship?

  • Buying real estate on at least 250,000 USD Your request is made to apply for Turkish citizenship by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre be processed. Recorder of deeds, checks that at least 250,000 sold properties worth USD. Land Registry Directorate, gives approval for citizenship from 3 to 7 days. We appealed to the Immigration Office for a residence permit, your application is approved. After the Immigration Bureau’s approval, again the same day and check paper with residence permit Population and Citizenship Affairs General Directorate we refer to. Located deed after all references in this process is followed in Istanbul and Ankara Citizenship Information Office.

My family thought about the possibility of Turkish citizens?

  • Yeah. You, your spouse and all children under the age of 18 may be a Turkish citizen.

Can I have more than 250,000 USD in real estate to reach the border?

  • You can buy more than the total value of real estate to be at least 250,000 USD. But you must apply to all of them simultaneously. Recorder of deeds declared values ​​accept applications for citizenship is over $ 250,000.

And how should I calculate per USD exchange rate?

  • GDLRC, the real value of the USD-denominated, the date of the transaction accounts through effective selling rate of the Central Bank of Turkey.

Citizenship transactions concluded in how long?

  • All the documents sought in the case of the citizenship application process is expected to be completed within 90 days. The government has opened special offices to reduce this time.

Will I get precise as I fulfill all requirements of citizenship?

  • Citizenship approval process, that you pose a threat to national security is linked to the national security archives and confirmed through verification.

Can I receive Turkish citizenship guaranteed by purchasing a commercial property lease?

  • The total value of the property you want you can buy with more than 250,000 USD

Is it possible to achieve my naturalization process before coming to Turkey?

  • If you give Nova a proxy for the whole process from beginning to end it is followed by Nova.

How many people can apply for a title?

  • Only one person, and first-degree relatives (spouse and children under 18) can receive citizenship.

I bought real estate in Turkey before. Can now be found in the citizenship application?

  • Since 18.09.2018 may apply with the next property purchases and investments.

Do I have to renounce my citizenship when I am present Turkish citizen?

  • No, Turkish law, depending on your own state laws to allow dual or multiple citizenship.

Is accepting applications for Turkish passports from which nation?

  • You can apply all citizens who purchase property in Turkey.

Can my child over the age of 18 enjoy the right of citizenship?

  • No.

Do I have to live in Turkey when I get Turkish citizenship?

  • No. Turkish law does not have an obligation in this direction.

Is the requirement to anyone at any stage in my family?

  • No. The applicant is sufficient to bring all necessary documents relating to him and his family.

If I accepted citizenship Can I work in Turkey?

  • Yeah. Turkish citizens can work in Turkey, but it may be necessary to fulfill the required equivalence in Turkish law to work in certain professions species.

Is bank money should come from Turkey and abroad?

  • All payments must be made via bank. In addition, the bank confirmed receipt is requested in the application.

Can I get a residence permit while still in the process of naturalization process?

  • Your application is approved you and your 1st degree family members without any waiting period residence permit is issued. (No. 6458/31-J)

I am not a citizen of any country (stateless, stateless) How can I be a Turkish citizen?

  •  A document proving your statelessness (travel document issued by the United Nations) and when you buy a property with a minimum value of 250,000 USD you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

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