Residence permit in Turkey

Through Session 1 Investment Permit

6458 Law No. 31 / j clause “in Turkey working but their foreign partner with the scope to be determined by the President and will invest the amount, and his wife receive a residence permit short of minors or dependent foreign child has edited the subject. Internet E-resident application to withdraw the appointments made toplanılarak day and documents can be obtained for a residence permit within 15 days from the date of appointment to go into the appointment. However, for reasons arising from the person may extend this period to 90 days.

2-Foreigners who immovable property in Turkey; 

If there is to be real housing demand of foreigners with a residence permit and immovable property should be used for this purpose. Also on the subject of family members payline or family members if they have a hand wheel to the right to property can be found in the application for a residence permit in this context. Family members of the applicant’s spouse, adult child dependent refers to the minor child.

3-foreigners, which will establish commercial links or business; 

Commercial or business connections to foreign exchange Upon the request of a residence permit three months on the invitation of the person or company who will contact the foreign letters or similar documents may be requested.

4-tourism purposes will remain strangers;

For this purpose residence permit in matters related to foreign travel plans in the request (where in the country, such as when and for how long to remain) evaluated declaration. If deemed necessary to provide information or documents may be requested.

5-foreigners who are one of the diseases to be treated which is considered as a threat to public health as long to transport;

For this purpose, the admission of foreigners to public or private hospitals that Turkey sought. They certify that they pay all the medical expenses of those health insurance is not required.

Residence permits are to be held in accordance with the duration of treatment.

During treatment shelter, subsistence expenses relating to health or public institutions and agencies covered by health insurance requirement applies to the determination of the possibility of foreign material is not required.

If necessary, the relevant information from hospitals or public institutions and the treatment of foreign or documents may be requested.

Cooperation agreements within the scope of the current Health entourage of foreigners coming to our country for treatment (if there are no provisions in the agreement also relates to companions) residence permit procedures are conducted in accordance with the general provisions.

In addition, Oct 14 3359 Health Care Act of a maximum of two persons accompanying exceeding their residence permit for foreigners coming to our country according to Article applies to health insurance requirement not required in the application.

6-foreigners who come for the purpose of scientific research; 

For this purpose, located in the residence permit demand of foreigners in case of scientific research subject to permission issues related to scientific research institutions or from institutions (Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Energy, universities, etc.) are allowed to receive the document; In the absence of prior informed consent in order to issue residence permits to foreigners istenilmektedir.b submit declarations on the subject of future research purposes, our foreign representative ‘Scientific Research’ visa must be obtained.

7-foreigners who attend in-service training program; 

For this purpose, given residence permits or content of education institutions to provide in-service training offered by the provider, time, place is held during the program based on the information and documents on the subject.

8-Turkey agreements of the Republic or of foreigners who are coming for educational or similar purposes in the framework of student exchange programs;

For this purpose, located in the residence permit request will be taken from relevant agencies of foreign information and asked to submit the document.

The duration of the residence permit may not exceed the duration of the training or similar purposes.

Student exchange programs (Erasmus, Maulana Farabi, etc.) of the students from the context; From the earliest records date from the requesting to be universal health insurance within three months of health insurance is also not desirable. However, those who have lost the right to universal health insurance by not making the application within three months from the date of registration are required to take out private health insurance.

9- judicial or administrative authority, depending on the demand of foreigners or decision should remain in Turkey; 

For this purpose, the duration of the residence permit will be held, organized taking into consideration the period specified in the decision or request.

10-foreigners to pass to the short-term residence permit in case of losing the family residence permit conditions;

At least completed three years of family residence permit with the age of eighteen from those who have stayed in Turkey are Turkish nationals married is after staying with a residence permit family three years divorced foreigners (three years for those who prove to the court’s decision that it is a victim of domestic violence grounds the requirement does not apply) and supportive; Depending on the area into a residence permit that person may apply to short-term residence permit.

11 who will attend Turkish-learning courses to foreigners;

For this purpose, residence permit and requesting the competent authority to give the Turkish course (must be authorized by the Ministry of National Education.) It may be up to twice the foreign registrants.

Course duration is less than one year shall not exceed the duration of the course duration residence permit. The institution offering the course, in order to begin enrolling in the course of Turkish foreign education and continuing state is obliged to notify the provincial directorates.

12-education through public institutions in Turkey, research, foreigners who participate in internships and courses;

For this purpose organized residence permit period shall not exceed one year. Accommodation, subsistence or from foreigners covered by public health institutions about the expenses relating to the current financial means with the detection of health insurance is not required. information and documents may be requested from the Authority.

13-foreigners who apply within six months from the date of graduation from higher education graduates in Turkey; 

For this purpose it can be given a maximum one-year residence permit, including a residence permit once they have graduated from the date foreigners who request shall be granted within six months.

14-working in Turkey, but their foreign ministers with his wife, the Council noted that the scope and amount will invest in, own and foreign minor or dependent children of the spouse;

For this purpose, residence permits to foreigners who request a maximum of five years with a residence permit can be arranged.

International Labor Law No. 6735, Law No. 6458 will contribute to this change in the national economy caused by the promotion of qualified foreign and alien to their residence was intended to ensure ease of operation.

15 who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus foreigners ,

For this purpose, residence permits to foreigners who request a maximum of five years with a residence permit can be arranged.

16 Other Types of residence permit
  • Family residence permit
  • Student residence permit
  • Humanitarian residence permit
  • Human trafficking victims residence permit

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