Property Management

Property Management

Making a particular investment, the purchase of real estate or a certain number of people setting up a business that will employ workers who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship; need time constraints, due to lack of necessary knowledge or experience, it has acquired a property in Turkey for the management of property managementThe dock will surely need the help of experts. Where to acquire immovable property because foreigners in Turkey, to be made of the property needed renovation and maintenance works, selected and correctly done the tenant with the lease agreement of the immovable property of the tenant, for 1319 on Real Estate Tax Act pursuant to the timely payment of the tax will accrue and management risks; bringing capital into Turkey, such as keeping and risk management brought in capital investment in the right spots authority, knowledge, care and trust are issues that need to be highest.

Nova Turkish Citizenship , property management to its customers with expert staff offers the most accurate and reliable service for property management. Risk management, tax and on issues such as the status of the property, offering regular reports to customers in Nova Turkish Citizenship, detect and pre foreigners risk of their investments in Turkey in from all possible harm by allowing the removal of the preventive steps retain their customers.

Making over $ 250,000 worth of real estate investment and obtain the citizenship Turkey.

Real estate, capital investment and employment Turkey Get Citizenship!

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