Employment Investment in Turkey with Citizenship

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Employment

At least 50 people that create employment documents in foreign real people with families who request the certificate of conformity grounds, the Ministry of Labor and Social Services (Directorate General of the International Labor) a written application.

Turkey’s owner or partner in workplaces that are at Least 50 People Creator Foreign Employment Act No. 12 of 5901 on the Attainment of Turkish citizenship as exceptional within the scope of Article Principles and Procedures

Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 of the “exceptional circumstances the acquisition of Turkish citizenship ”  titled 12th clause; 6458 No. Foreigners and International Protection Act of article 31 of the first paragraph (j) Turquoise Card holders with residence permit areas, pursuant to the foreigners and their foreign partner, he and his wife’s minor or dependent foreign child will be an obstacle in terms of national security and public order, a It provided that no decision has been anticipated that the President won the state with Turkish citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 was prepared based on the Implementation of the article 46 of Regulation of Turkish Citizenship Law “as an exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship documents and transactions necessary to do for application entitled” 20th clause; Families that create at least 50 new jobs, Labor and Social Services Ministry identified the foreigners 5901 Law No. 12 of the substance of paragraph (b) is located can acquire Turkish citizenship by President decided under subparagraph.

On the other hand, Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458 of the first paragraph of Article 31 paragraph (j) of; working in Turkey, but “Regulations on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law” recovering as exceptional Turkish citizenship, necessary documents and transactions to be made for application entitled “20th article of the designated investment scope, and foreign to them and they will invest the amount wife, he and his wife minors or dependent are considered to be given a residence permit for up to five years to foreign children.

foreign pursuant to the abovementioned provisions of the legislation natural persons 6458 Law No. 31 / j under Article Ministry of Interior to make their residence permit or 5901 Law No. 12 of the substance of paragraph (b) eligibility for that provide at least 50 new jobs needed for exceptional citizenship applications under item the document request will be considered located in the procedures and principles below.

Application and Evaluation Process

At least 50 people that create employment documents in foreign real people with families who request the certificate of conformity grounds, the Ministry of Labor and Social Services (Directorate General of the International Labor) a written application.

Application Family, the Ministry of Labor and Social Services is evaluated by the International Labor Directorate General. Any lack of references are not finalized within seven working days. To the applicant for completion of the lack of applications made with incomplete information and documents given thirty days. lack of applications not addressed within this period will be rejected.

The reference to the result of the evaluation of the results that were found to meet the necessary conditions for foreign Ministry of the Interior and communicated to the applicant.

Documents required for application

The applicant-signed petition by foreign natural persons,

taken from a notary signature statement of the applicant,

Employment Information Form filled out completely

A photocopy of the page that contains the credentials of the passport,

In total at least 50 people and Turkish citizens shows the share capital of the partnership or company found that the company’s employment records and current trade gazette dated ratification of the Trade Registry,

Foreign business is a real person’s own or partner / insured persons in workplaces with a list of employees dated the current system taken from the Social Security Administration Office Employee List.

Foreign real persons or partner of the owner of that establishment / establishments indicates the status of the tax debt taken from the Presidency of Revenue Administration font system.

Foreign natural persons that establishment’s owner or partner / establishments shows the status of social security premium debts text taken from the Social Security Administration system.

administrative audit conducted by public institutions in a written declaration as to whether to grant an administrative penalty in the last six months, the Company received penalties if the addition of relevant documents.


Foreign capital share of real people own or a partner in the company or companies and its percentage of the Ministry evaluates whether there are sufficient levels.

In examining the application, continuity situation in the last six months of full-time employees as Turkish citizens employed by the company will be considered.

False and misleading with regard to the content of the information or documents as determined by the applicant subsequently appealed by the state Department notified the necessary actions to ensure that the Ministry of Interior.

Source: https://www.ailevecalisma.gov.tr/uigm/yabancilar/istisnai-turk-vatandasligi/

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