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We are a long-established company with 41 years of experience

Nova Group, America, serves as a powerful bridge between Europe and Turkey established.

  • Nova Group, America, Europe and Turkey, investment and trade issues, comprehensive services to our vermektedir.şirketi at individual and institutional level, have done as well as investment for those who want to invest in and in Europe, America, but those organizations wishing to thrive grow and serve as advisory services.
  • In America and in Europe who are considering starting a business, entrepreneurs who want to get some of the sessions and citizenship services, or commercial activities and services to the United States has given to businessmen who are considering moving to Europe are as follows:

Consulting, real estate, foreign trade, finance, investment, mortgage solutions, company establishment, accounting and financial consultancy service-ri, project investment, residence, citizenship and visa consultancy.

Our solution partners are Lawyers, Appraisers, Real Estate Consultants, Bankers, Financiers, Citizenship Experts, Residence Permits Experts, Real Estate Insurance Companies, Furnishers, Transport Companies, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Tourism Companies, VIP Services and so on. is an established network.

The goal here is primarily the creation of the world’s residence and citizenship that country in competitive conditions, more secure and living with a more advantageous way than their competitors permit and citizenship in Turkey, the purchase of real estate, shares, real estate investment fund buying and innovative thinking, along with its coordination of these partners is a network that provides citizenship and residence permits by transforming them into reality and through digital transformation.

Making over $ 250,000 worth of real estate investment and obtain the citizenship Turkey.

Real estate, capital investment and employment Turkey Get Citizenship!

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