Our Services in the Investment Process

You decided to have one out of real estate options we provide to you. How does the purchasing process?

You decide and we act completed all the bargaining process for the purchase of the property if an agreement on the final price. First, have you got any situation that may interfere with any debt or selling real estate on the relevant municipalities do we control it. Any problems over the property’s value to start operations between the parties is not present in the formal contract shall be collected within 5% down payment amount will be credited to the seller. To avoid any problems between the parties in a legal sense, prepared by our legal department sales contract is signed mutually. After this point, we begin the process for the transfer of title.  Your Home in IstanbulThe fastest way you handle your business as a team, we provide seamless. Deed without waiting in the apartment just came to finish your transaction signing.

We prepare your documents, take your appointments on your behalf for the Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Land Registry transactions. increasingly specified day and time of the relevant unit are being taken with the payment of the purchase and sale of mutual signature tax amounting to 4% and in deed transfer is taking place along with the payment between the parties.


Rapid removal of the land from the Land Registry office and make necessary preparations for the deed.


Carefully prepared by our legal department in the trading of contracts


Ensuring the transfer of money between the parties concerned on the value of property


No problem giving birth to finalizing purchases and sales of real estate as a legal

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